FRANZ, München

Location |München, Sonnenstraße
Usage |Office, residential, retail
Space |approx. 4,500 sqm
Planning |Archiv B, München
Project Volume |approx. 70 Mio. Euro
Completion |End 2023
Domain |

The residential and commercial building, with some 4,500 sqm of rental floorspace – which will predominantly be used for offices – is located very close to Munich’s famous “Stachus” square. The property will be completely refurbished, and a new building will be added in the inner courtyard. The envisaged flexibility of the planned office floor space will permit development of open-plan workspaces as well as individual offices. In addition to office space, eight attractive penthouse apartments will be built on the upper floors, offering unique views of the city and the Alps. The ground floor will house retail and gastronomy space. The completion of the building is planned for some point before the end of 2023.