HAMMER HEART: Draft presented for future main street in Hamburg-Hammerbrook

  • Jan Wiese Architekten from Berlin win bid for construction
  • ABG and Köhler & von Bargen develop concept for offices, restaurants and culture

Hamburg, 22 November 2021 – Diverse architecture instead of monotonous city development on one of Hamburg's most frequented main streets: An urban location for New Work is to be created next to the S-Bahn viaduct on Spaldingstraße and Nordkanalstraße in Hammerbrook. Several new buildings for offices, cafés and cultural use are being planned at the Hammerbrookstraße intersection. Today, Franz-Josef Höing, Chief Planning Director, Michael Mathe, Head of City and Landscape Planning, and the joint venture of ABG Real Estate Group and Köhler & von Bargen Unternehmensgruppe, owners of the land, introduced the project. At the end of October, a jury had declared the draft for the complex named HAMMER HEART submitted by architect Jan Wiese from Berlin, the winner after a two-phase workshop process involving ten architecture firms.

The complex will form the new heart of Hammerbrook, driving the restructuring of the city quarter forward.

Franz-Josef Höing, Chief Planning Director of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg: "I am highly satisfied with the consistent derivation of the buildings with respect to their urban environment. Their architectural appearance is extraordinarily subtle and convinces with a certain lightness. Major strengths of the draft are the well-proportioned foundation in relation to the rail line and the building structures among each other. I am very happy that we have found a sound basis for the next planning phase, and a diverse place combining new working environments and cultural use can be created at this highly central and vibrant location."

Michael Mathe, District Office Hamburg-Mitte, Head of City and Landscape Planning: "Hammerbrook is currently undergoing a dynamic development process. An important goal of this process is promoting the city quarter as a place for culture and leisure time. To this end, actively reviving the ground floors through attractive catering, cultural attractions, but also retail play a prominent role in addition to extending and providing open areas. The district office is glad to develop a project in collaboration with ABG, Köhler & von Bargen und Jan Wiese that will create new energy and a new point of attraction, providing new impulses for the development of the entire city quarter. The two main goals are to strengthen the office location and new housing."

In total, the project covers an area of 4,100 sqm. The first area of the joint venture measuring about 2,450 sqm is located between Spaldingstraße and Nordkanalstraße, while the second area of about 1,640 sqm lies between Nordkanalstraße and Albertstraße. The new buildings are planned to have a total gross floor area of around 29,000 sqm.

Ulrich Höller, Managing Partner of ABG Real Estate Group: "We joined together in a joint venture based on partnership in order to give this place a strong incentive. Jan Wiese's draft breaks with today's rather monotonous perimeter block development. It has the potential of reviving the location through spectacular design and public options of use in an attractive way, giving it a visionary spin."

Helmut Köhler, Managing Partner of Köhler & von Bargen Unternehmensgruppe in Hamburg: "We look forward to further developing this excellent and inspiring draft in order to work out the planning law in cooperation with the city. The architecture and utilisation concept hint at the potential for change that City Süd is facing."

The workshop process supervised by D+K drost consult originally involved ten renowned architecture firms. Jan Wiese Architekten's draft provided a convincing concept in terms of both versatility and clarity. A so-called "city showcase" with glass facades similar to showcases east of the S-Bahn viaduct is particularly prominent. Here, concepts for public use such as exhibitions, concerts and catering are meant to be realised. Jan Wiese Architekten came up with an attractive answer to the special challenge of the competition to find a scaled solution for building the complex around the S-Bahn viaduct by developing the buildings under the rail line and sunken gardens in an interesting way.

The two high-rises are to be erected applying innovative building design. In this regard, sustainability is becoming the guiding principle of the planned city repair: roof gardens with robust "climate-resilient trees", highest energy standards, photovoltaics, and efficient LED lighting are only some of the manifold ecologic aspects.

In the past decades, the buildings on Spaldingstraße served numerous different purposes, from offices to hotels. The joint venture acquired the property in 2018 and left it to the OZM non-profit organisation to be used as workrooms and exhibition spaces on an interim basis. The second building on Albertstraße purchased by the joint venture in 2020 is still being leased. The existing buildings will be making way for the new project.

In order to realise the project, the Hamburg-Mitte district will now prepare the draft of a development planning process. Building construction work will not start before late 2024. The completion of the new buildings will thus be expected in 2027.

The project volume amounts to roughly 200 million euros.


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