ENDO-Klinik, Hamburg

Location |Hamburg, Holstenstrasse
Usage |Special clinic for endoprosthetic procedures
Planning |KSP Engel und Zimmermann, Cologne
Completion |2009

The ENDO-Klinik hospital in the Hamburg district of Altona opened in 2009. The ABG Real Estate Group managed the project from the outset, from the tendering process in the form of a “competitive dialogue” to the award of the general building contract and final completion.

The 7,500 m² building comprises a medical practice with reception area, an open-plan operating theatre with eight integrated procedure rooms with state-of-the-art technical fit-out and video technology, an intensive care unit with recovery room and an intermediate care unit. The building’s technical challenges included the installation of complex medical equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning systems and a specialised microbiological laboratory.