YORCKS, Düsseldorf

Location |Düsseldorf, Yorckstrasse 19-29
Use types |office, fitness, retail
Area |approx. 28,300 sqm
Planning |STEAM Architekten, Düsseldorf, Rosen Architekten, Frankfurt am Main
Completion |2023
Domain |

YORCKS is an extensive building complex in the middle of the Düsseldorf district of Derendorf. This architectural landmark with its light-coloured natural stone façade will shine in new, timeless elegance following revitalisation. The linear building shape with a campus-like character presents numerous, individual use options such as customised house-in-house solutions, each with their own representative entrance. It also has an elevated deck which can accommodate special uses or a terrace for shops and restaurants, and there is a fitness suite operated by the long-term tenant, FitX.

The office areas have direct access to the spacious roof gardens. Here, high above the city, you can relax and recharge your batteries.

Düsseldorf-Derendorf is an established neighbourhood with a wide variety of local amenities and optimal transport connections. YORCKS is located in the middle of Düsseldorf's ‘Knowledge Mile’, with the Düsseldorf University of Applied Sciences and the FOM University of Economics & Management nearby.